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Sump Pump Instalation

A flooded crawl space under your home can cause you several expensive problems because the moisture that is under there has to go somewhere. This standing water results in your floor joist, header and plate, center seal and anything else you can think of under there getting wet.


When wood gets wet, it rots and gets weaker. This allows termites to enter the scene where they can have a field day eating all that wet wood that supports your home. This environment also creates a great habitat for many types of bugs and rodents, not to mention causing mold growth due to high humidity.

Bug Pro LLC has the expertise and experience to install a special pump under your home for you, known as a sump pump. They are designed to take excess water that drains into your home and pump it outside. Typically a sump pump is located at the lowest point in your home’s basement or crawl space in an area called the sump pit. The sump pit is a hole that is around two feet deep and 18 inches wide.

A flooded basement in need of a sump pump

If you have a crawl space or basement and you’re experiencing the issues discussed above, call Bug Pro LLC at (501) 941-3378. We’ll be glad to come out and inspect your particular situation.

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