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Insulation Services

Did you know that insulation keeps your floors warm? Did you also know that insulation makes a real good home for unwanted pests? Yes, spiders, mice, rats, water roaches, cockroaches, silverfish and other creepy crawlies can make the insulation in your home their home.

Photo of rotted insulation underneath a house

Plus, if you have a moisture problem under your house and the insulation gets wet, it will rot out your floor joist, header and plate and center seals. In addition, if the insulation has started to fall it blocks off the air flow that helps your house stay dry.


If you have bad insulation like described above, don’t worry because we can fix those kinds of insulation issues. We can perform a crawl space insulation removal and clean service for you, as well as do a crawl space insulation replacement service.


Contact Bug Pro LLC today at (501) 941-3378 for insulation removal and/or replacement services for your home or business.

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