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Core Values

At Bug Pro LLC, our termite and pest control services are provided based on our ‘TIERED’ approach of instilling company core values in everything we do. Whether we’re working with customers, suppliers, vendors or co-workers, we work to keep these core values at the forefront of our thinking as we engage with people throughout our work day.

Owner Timothy Bunting shaking hands with a customer

The 'Tiered' Way

'T' for Trustworthy

We demonstrate to others our ability, expertise and quality results leading to their confidence in what we do as a company.

'I' for Integrity

We demonstrate to others our adherence to moral and ethical principles of honesty.

'E' for Excellence

We demonstrate to others the quality of what we do and how we do it in all that we do.

'R'  for Reliability

We demonstrate to others that we can be consistently depended on for accuracy, consistency and achievement.


'E' for Ethical

We demonstrate to others our principles of knowing what is right and then doing it, especially within the standards of our profession.

'D' for Dependability

We demonstrate to others our ability to be relied on, especially regarding trustworthiness and constancy.

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