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Cockroach Control

Different species of cockroaches can be found in Arkansas and can be a serious problem in homes, businesses, and other buildings. The most common in Central Arkansas and South Central Arkansas are the German, American and Wood cockroach.


German Cockroach

German cockroaches are smoky brown in color and are commonly found in homes and businesses. These pest are transported from the store, your schools, your work place and many other places you go to.

A dead roach, on its back with legs in the air

American Cockroach

The American cockroach (known as the water roach or the palmetto bug) lives on the outside of your home. They will generally come into your homes when the weather changes or it rains outside. They live in the vegetation around the structure. They have a short life span when they enter your homes.

Closeup of a german cockroach

The Wood Roach

The wood roach and the water roach has almost the same habitat. Both roaches are very common to see in and around your home and business.

Closeup of a wood roach on a wall

The treatment process for cockroaches will vary depending on the severity of the infestation, the type of cockroach species, and the location of the infestation. However, here are some general steps that Bug Pro LLC follows for treating them.


First, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to identify the source of the infestation, the type of cockroach species, and the extent of the infestation. Second, once the species of cockroach has been identified, the we will develop a treatment plan that is specific to that species. Third, depending on the severity of the infestation, the we may use a combination of treatments, including baits, insecticides, and dusts, to effectively eliminate the cockroaches. Finally, to prevent future infestations, we may provide recommendations for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, such as removing sources of food and water, sealing cracks and crevices, and storing food in airtight containers.


It is important to note that cockroach treatments may require multiple visits from from us to ensure that the infestation has been fully eradicated. Additionally, some treatments may require temporary evacuation of the premises to ensure safety.


Contact Us

If you are seeing cockroaches in and around your home or business, call Bug Pro LLC today at (501) 941-3378 or contact us online. We offer a free, no obligation quote.

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