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Ventilation Installation

When it comes to ventilation for your business or home’s foundation, the question is whether or not you need. Some people will say yes while some may say no. But in all reality, it just depends on your particular  home or business.


If you have a moisture problem under your home or business, then it is a good idea to have vents installed to ventilate that area and dry it out. Keep in mind that just because you install vents doesn't mean it will fix your problem completely, and that is why other methods can be used as well.

If your home or business is dry underneath it, then it is probably not a good idea to add vents in your foundation wall. The reason being is that this could actually cause a moisture problem at each vent that has been added. Every home is different so every home will have a different approach.

Side of a home showing vents

If you already have vents in your foundation, make sure they open and close properly. If the screen on them is broken or torn, have them replaced so rodents such as mice, rats, and and other animal cannot get in to your foundation.


If you are considering installing foundation ventilation or modifying what ventilation you already have as discussed above, call Bug Pro LLC at (501) 941-3378. We’ll be glad to come out and inspect your particular situation to make sure your foundation stays dry.

Closeup of a properly installed vent
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